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Air Plants

Air Plants
There are around 650 distinct species of air plants, so you will have plenty of options. Spanish Moss, Tillandsia ionantha also known as sky plants, Tillandsia caput-medusae, Tillandsia andreana, Tillandsia xerographica, Tillandsia maxima. There is a plethora of other options available to you.
Advantages of Air Plants
Air plants are wonderful plants to have in your bedroom since they photosynthesize at night. As a result, as you sleep, they release new oxygen into the air. Being among plants can help you relax, decrease your blood pressure, and focus better at home or at work. Air Plants can help you feel more calm, serene, and even productive.
Indoor plants have been shown in tests to increase concentration and productivity by 15%! The air plants take little care and are ideal for maintaining at home or at work. They require very no maintenance and are a delightful green addition to liven up any environment in your home.
You may also get a plant that is a good fit for your house or office and complements the colour scheme. When you first obtain your air plant, you should clean it with water for 15 minutes and then properly dry it. When your plant is entirely dry, flip it over so that it is straight up, and set it in its new home.
Why did you choose Elysian Flora?
You’ll need the right pots for your air plants, which you can get at Elysian Flora. They feature one-of-a-kind planters for several types of air plants. You may also acquire gorgeous plant arrangements, stones, soil and fertilisers, as well as gardening toys and accessories. Elysian Flora comes to your home, allowing you to order your favourite gardening tools and nurture your garden in peace.

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