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Anjeer, a lovely tiny fig shrub, has an unusual spreading habit. Its smooth, silver-tinted bark is the epitome of mother nature’s magnificent creation. Scientifically known as carica, which means “papaya-looking leaves,” its fruit, or anjeer, is a top-shaped or pear-shaped body with a range of colours ranging from yellowish-green to copper and bronze.
Planting fig trees is simple, but it does need some patience and endurance. The fig tree is treasured in China as a symbol of longevity and good fortune. There is also a popular idea that by eating this fig plant, one may stay youthful forever! Figs are also used as an energy meal, and some people chew on its bark to make an energy drink! The fig leaf is also said to guard against sickness and disease.
The normal care of these well-known fig bushes is seldom described as ‘simple.’ However, if you follow all of the care instructions, you will undoubtedly earn the title of ‘plant-parent’ with this picky plant. Position the figures in front of a window that gets direct morning or afternoon light. You want a window with generally unobstructed eastern, western, or southern exposure – no trees or other structures should be shadowing the window.
Feel free to browse Elysian Flora’s online store and cherry-pick your favourite types, plant specs, maintenance, and advantages. This luxuriant greenery is deserving of ‘extra-tending’ in your home design!

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    • Light : Bright indirect light
    • Maintenace: Low maintenace
    • Special feature : Air purifying
    • Watering : Water twice a week
    • Where to grow : Bright indoor / shaded outdoors
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