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10 pcs Shrimp Combo(5 pcs Bloody Mary, 5 pcs Golden yellow Back)

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Top Grade Shrimp Combo of Bloody mary and golden yellow back

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SHRIMP COMBO(5 PCS golden yellow & 5 PCS Bloody mary Shrimp)

Bloody Mary shrimp are a type of red Neocaridina, similar to Cherry shrimp. However, unlike Cherry’s which carry their red coloration in their shells, Bloody Mary’s have transparent shells with a deep red color in their tissue.

Golden Back Yellow shrimp are a higher grade of Neon Yellow Shrimp that feature a brilliant, neon yellow “racing” stripe down the back. Their gorgeous coloration draws the eye directly to these dynamic little shrimp and adds charm and cheer to any aquarium set-up.

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