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Air Purifying Plant Bundle – ZZ, Peace Lily

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Plants are necessary for healthy life both indoors and out. To guarantee that you do not jeopardise the air you breathe at home, we have designed plant sets that, when combined, reduce the majority of indoor pollutants. Both the ZZ Zamia and the Peace lily have received worldwide praise as the finest for the job.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: While the Peace Lily is a blooming plant and the Zamia is a foliage plant, they both perform well with any general garden fertiliser, such as NPK (19:19:19), applied to the roots once every three weeks as directed on the package. A foliar spray of NPK (19:19:19) every two to three weeks is also beneficial to the plants.

Repotting :
The Zamia is a long-lasting but slow-growing plant that like to be root bound and will not require regular repotting; nevertheless, changing its potting mix once a year will provide it with new medium to grow in. The Peace Lily, on the other hand, grows quickly and requires annual repotting in a slightly bigger container with a rich but well-draining potting mix. Zamia may be reproduced by leaf and stem cuttings, as well as rhizome division (once the plant is of a good size). The Peace lily is reproduced by dividing the mature mother plant.

Typical issues

Slowing Growth While the Zamia is a sluggish grower, providing it with adequate light and prescribed fertilisers might speed up its growth. The Peace Lily, like any other plant, grows quicker in bright light and slower in low to medium light. However, avoid direct sunshine for both plants. The Peace Lily is not blooming. The Peace lily may survive well in an indoor location with bright to medium indirect light, but it requires a few hours of dappled daylight or brilliant indirect sunlight to blossom, just like any other flowering plant. Zamia’s Wilting Zamia is a drought-tolerant plant that prefers to be submerged rather than overwatered. Overwatering causes root rot, which manifests as limp, wilting, and mushy leaves. If the plant is pretty upright, repot it in a drier potting mix after removing any rotten rot rhizome parts, and water only until the soil is fully dry. If the plant can’t be saved, take leaf or stem cuttings from the healthiest stems to reproduce.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: While the Peace Lily requires medium to bright indirect light for excellent development, the Zamia may thrive in medium to low light. For both plants, avoid direct sunshine.

Locations: These air purifying plants are excellent complements to any room in your home. Cleaner air may be found in your bedrooms or workplace if you use it. They are ideal for any area that receives bright indirect light, such as near windows or doors.

Styling/decor tip : For a highly architectural and attractive effect, create a corner with Zamias in different sizes. The Peace lily, with its elegant white blossoms, can lend refinement to any setting. The Zamia is also an excellent complement to side and worktables. Peace Lily is also suitable for covered patios and sitting areas.

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