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Peacock Ginger

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  • A soil with acidic to neutral pH (5.6-6.5), also well-draining. A loamy soil will be a better choice.
  • These plants prefer moist soil and do not tolerate dry soil.


  • Position your plant such that it gets direct sunlight at least for three hours and protection from strong sunlight in the afternoon or else it will scorch/burn the leaf.
  • They require indirect sunlight for their optimum growth. Though they can be tolerant of the low lights.


  • Water the plant only when 1-2 inches of the top soil has dried. Since these plants do not like dry soil, watering must be regular when the soil is dry.
  • Watering schedules to be taken care of especially during the warmest months of the year and hence requires a more frequent waterings.
  • Overwatering will lead to rotting of the roots. The signs of overwatering are yellowing or browning of leaves and stalks.


  • This plant is generally seen to be deficient in potassium which is any important macronutrient for water uptake. Deficiency of potassium is related with absence of blooming.
  • Fertilizing throughout the growing season i.e., spring to fall helps in the robust growth of the plant and faster bloom.
  • Avoid overdosing of potassium as it will lead to browning of leaves. (For this problem, it is better to provide a slow releasing potassium source or fertilizer to the plant)





  1. Soak the seeds in water overnight.
  2. Place the seeds in a pot with well-draining soil mix, and plant the seeds 0.75 inches deep into it. Cover the pot with a plastic wrap to maintain the soil moisture.
  3. Place the pot in a spot away from direct sunlight but at a bright location.
  4. The seeds will germinate within 3-4 weeks.
  5. Plant the seeds in potassium and organic content rich soil.


  1. Plant the rhizome (similar to that of ginger) by dividing such that each rhizome has an ?eye?.
  2. If possible, soak these rhizomes in water for half an hour or it can be skipped.
  3. Plant these rhizomes in 1-3 inches deep moist soil.
  4. Plant in spring or summer.




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