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Sansevieria Hybrid ‘Tiger’ Plant

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common name – the snake plant

Scientific name –Sansevieria hybrid ‘tiger’


The rare Sansevieria Tiger is an adorable dwarf snake plant with horizontal stripe markings on its foliage, very much resembling a botanical version of a tiger! … This indoor plants is an easy-care houseplant that is also low-light tolerant.

Plant care and instruction

1.light -Low to Bright Indirect

2.place -from bright direct rays of sun to areas with almost no natural light.

3.water -Low

4.fertilizer -Feed once every six months with a liquid fertilizer

5.repotting -annually

6.temperature -Average 55-85 degrees

Special features

Sansevieria Hybrid Tiger is very rare but is just as tough and easy-care as other sansevieria. This unusual variety is a compact hybrid with thin, dark green leaves with interesting tiger-print patterns. Its growth habit is vase shape with an architectural touch.

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